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  1. John54

    Evo Linkage Guard

    Good old cable ties. I gave up in the end and bought a genuine Beta one (£9.75) that’s for 2T but fits straight onto 4T only had to trim a piece off rear of rubber cushion between sumpguard and engine.
  2. John54

    Evo Linkage Guard

    I contacted Jitsie who said the frame design hasn’t really changed and recon it should fit. How I don’t know.
  3. John54

    Evo Linkage Guard

    Thanks for the info guys. Someone told me that the linkage guard comes standard on the newer 2 stroke EVO but not on the 4 stroke Us four stroke Beta riders been left out again.
  4. John54

    Evo Linkage Guard

    Evening All Has anyone fitted one of these Jitsie rear suspension linkage guards? What does it attach to - rear engine bolt? and under sumpguard? and has anyone fitted one to a newer Evo (2020 4T) Thanks in advance for any answers.
  5. John54

    Sumpguard Helicoils

    Cheers Guys some useful answers there. Many Thanks.
  6. When I removed my sump guard on my 2020 Evo 4T one of the rear fixing bolt helicoil inserts partly came out with the bolt. This has been impossible to refit correctly and resulted in damaging any bolt that I use to refit the guard. I have removed the old helicoil but I’m a bit weary to fit a replacement I have as it looks like it might use a different thread to secure the helicoil in the frame. Anyone else had this problem and did they find a make of helicoil that fitted straight into the original threaded hole without retapping?
  7. I’m sure Hippel Racing in Germany were selling the tool on their Facebook page for about 14 Euros (I think) plus postage
  8. Anyone fitted one of these to a 4T. How are they attached? and has anyone fitted one to a 2013 to 2020 4T? Thanks.
  9. I’ve taken them off every Beta I’ve had. They don’t serve any purpose. Crap still gets in around the pads and these covers make it awkward to clean them out.
  10. John54

    Fork Guards Info

    Hi I’ve recently had a 2020 Evo Factory 4T and I’m looking to get some fork guards. Can anyone recommend a guard make and can someone tell me what make are the actual forks -Tech,Paioli ?I have paioli guards on another older Beta but they offer no protection to the spindle clamp part of leg on new Evo 4T. One other thing does anyone know of a company that can do Graphics for this bike rather than buying genuine. Many Thanks John.
  11. John54

    New Beta extras

    Hi When I last bought a new Beta (2005 Rev 3) it came with a lot of extra bits eg road going kit lights,speedo,indicators,horn,mirrors etc. I’m planning on getting a new Evo 4T are the extra bits lights etc still included or is it now a case of just a handbook and toolkit. Regards John.
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