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  1. Thanks for the info, I've ordered some nylon filler rods for the plastic welder, i'll give it a go :-)
  2. Hi don’t know , maybe the ethanol in US fuel ? this tank is also a translucent type material , it’s damaged slightly around the petcock area, I’ve removed the fixing part , just need to weld up the small splits , but it’s important to get the right filler rod material , Thanks
  3. Hi, does anyone know the type of plastic used for Sherco fuel tanks circa 2004 ? I’m assuming it’s HDPE , high density polythene ? I have a little sherco 50, and i’m going to plastic weld the fuel tank around the petcock area as it’s damaged and had previously been fixed with Epoxy . Thanks
  4. OK Thanks.. I think I can mostly get by without a manual... I've been fixing and rebuilding bikes for the past 40 years or so, but it's always handy to have a reference document to hand. Regards Mat
  5. Hi all. I just bought a nice little Sherco 0.5 kids trials bike with a view to fettling it for my grandson. Any ideas where I can get information on this bike, workshop manuals or similar. The engine is an air-cooled 50cc Polini with two speed gearbox and centrifugal clutch. Not sure of the year but I think it's 2004-2005. Regards Mat
  6. matgriff

    Fantic 241 info

    Hi all. There is a Fantic 241 for sale locally to me that I might be interested in. When I was last messing around on trials bikes back in the mid 80's mainly on a TY175, Fantic 200's and 240's were the bikes to aspire to. What's the main difference between the 240 & 241 ? I see the 241 is monoshock, but are the motors similar ? Is the 241 just an evolution of the 240 ? and what's the spares availability like ? Thanks Mat
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