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    Handlebar Rise

    OK great, thanks for the heads up.... I'll take a look at them on the web.
  2. matgriff

    Handlebar Rise

    Hi all. I need to get some additional height on the bars of my 2009 290. The current setup seems to be standard Sherco "fat bars" what options are available to me ? Can I get some different clamps with longer bolts or do I need to swap out for a pair of aftermarket Renthal bars or similar ? Standard setup pictured here:
  3. matgriff

    290 rear hub

    Hi all. Noticed the other day that my 2009 290 has a small split in the alloy hub of the rear wheel, looks like someone overtightened one of the M8 nuts that hold the sprocket on, and caused a split in the alloy. Anyone else had this problem ? I think it should weld up & re-drill OK though. Thanks
  4. OK great , thanks for the feedback , bike runs and rides great , just this slight noise .
  5. Any feedback on this would be welcome 😉 Thanks
  6. Just checked to see if anyone had any comments on the whining noise from my Sherco 290, but no replies 😞 I see my video clip had 75 views, surely someone must know if it sounds "normal" or not ?? Any feedback welcome, I don't want to start an engine strip down for no good reason. Thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/94811701@N08/shares/z282n8
  7. Well, if you haven't operated the clutch with the engine out, the slave cylinder piston shouldn't be any further out than it was when you removed everything. So I would say that the pushrod isn't sitting correctly at the clutch cover somehow, or something is assembled incorrectly. Either way should be quite easy to see the problem if you just whip the side casing off and take a look.
  8. matgriff

    bleeding brakes

    I've always managed to get the job done over the years by sucking a vacuum on the caliper bleed nipple and also as you say tie wrapping the lever back , but for some reason this one has been particularly stubborn. Hopefully it should be good for a while now.
  9. matgriff

    bleeding brakes

    I finally fixed it this afternoon. I think my first problem was that I didn't have any free play at the lever, so the m/c piston wasn't relaxing to the full end stroke. I read this tip on the Beta or Gas Gas forum here, same AJP brakes. When I backed off the adjuster fully, I was able to just pump the lever slightly back and forth and a lot of small air bubbles started to rise in the m/c. After about 20 minutes I started to get a nice firm lever with no more bubbles. A final "normal" bleed through the caliper nipple with the lever pumped and held seems to have worked. Thanks for all the help. Mat
  10. matgriff

    bleeding brakes

    Hi, thanks for the info, yes I tried to get all of the air out of the m/c by jiggling the lever. I was also thinking that the seal may have folded over, I'll take it apart again later. Mat
  11. matgriff

    bleeding brakes

    Hi. A few weeks ago I rebuilt my front brake caliper, new pistons and seals (2009 290), had a right job bleeding it but got there in the end by sucking a vacuum on the bleed nipple and pumping it through. last week I lost the little spring off the front brake lever and noticed that the rubber dust cap was missing off the master cylinder and it was a bit corroded around the circlip, so I ordered a new rebuild kit for the master cylinder. I cleaned everything up and fitted it without any problems, Trouble is now I can't get any pressure at the lever, I've tried sucking out through the bleed nipple and topping up the master cylinder, but the lever just keeps pumping with no resistance at all, like it's air locked somehow ?? I've messed about with it for a hour or so with no luck. Any ideas ? Thanks
  12. OK thanks, I'll take a look at it. I have noticed that the kickstart occasionally seems to slip when I try kicking it over... maybe related to that somehow ? Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm relatively new to ownership of my Sherco 290 2009 model. I've sorted out a few teething problems in the first couple of months of ownership. I've noticed that the motor seems to be quite noisy from the clutch/primary drive area ?? The noise is a slight whine that starts when you begin to let out the clutch, and then continues as you're riding the bike. It's quite loud and sounds like a gear type whining, not a rumble of a bad bearing or similar. When you pull the clutch in it gets much quieter. I've changed the gearbox oil, the old stuff was a bit discolored but nothing too bad. is this "normal" on these 290cc motors or something that needs investigation ? Thanks Mat
  14. Hi all. I have a 2009 Sherco 290, which I just repaired the leaking radiator. Can anyone confirm the direction of the cooling fan ? On mine, when sitting on the bike looking forward the fan turns anti-clockwise (so that would be looking at the back of the fan where the motor is) if looking at the radiator front (opposite side to the fan) then it turns clockwise.. is that correct ? Thanks Mat
  15. Hi, yes I got it all done in the end. Warmed the seals and caliper with a hairdryer to soften the seals, then lubed them with clean brake fluid and twisted/pushed them home. Works fine now 🙂 Thanks Mat
  16. I had a similar type leak... turned out to be the radiator, the fan plastic housing had rubbed through the water channels at the bottom of the radiator, causing some small pinholes. I have just repaired it with some JB weld chemical metal, and will put it back together soon... hopefully it should be OK Mat
  17. I have it figured out, the new seals are slightly smaller and thinner and fit correctly ? however the one i pressed home with the wrong seal was stuck and i had to damage the piston getting it out ... oh well the ebay seller who sent the wrong bits can send me a new set of pistons ... at least i have the right seals now
  18. Hi, thanks yes I'm sure they are clean, I put the caliper halves in my ultrasonic cleaner tank for 30 minutes, came up spotless. In hindsight I used a bit of red rubber grease on the new seals, maybe that got behind the seals enough to stop them pushing right back into the grooves ? I'll just use clean brake fluid next time. Mat
  19. Hi thanks for the help. I split the caliper to clean it all out, the seal kit comes with a new O ring to seal the two halves back together. I also used a small piece of wood and a G clamp to push the new pistons back in (flat face inwards) So I was a bit annoyed with myself when I couldn't get them to fit. I made sure I drove them in square too. The recess for the O rings is cleaned out perfectly, my ultrasonic cleaner fetched the caliper up like new. On the plus side I found just the seal kit online for £7.50 so I thought I'd order two sets just in case... arrived today and each set contains ten seals, So I've got plenty of room for mistakes this time. Mat
  20. Hi, I recently purchased a nice 2009 290 to start getting back into off road riding. It's tidy but needs some small jobs doing on it, one of which was a sticking front brake. I stripped the caliper down, removed all the pistons and seals, cleaned it in my ultrasound cleaning bath, and bought a new piston & seal kit.... all good so far..... however I had a right job trying to get the pistons back into the caliper halves with the new seals in place. Everything was spotless and lubricated with clean brake fluid. I eventually got them in, however I soon found out that I'd nicked a couple of the seals when fitting the pistons. When I came to bleed the brakes using my vacuum pump, it was sucking air in past the pistons ? For info it's a AJP 4 piston caliper. I've ordered some new seals and will try again, anyone else attempted this ? if so do you have any tips to pass on ? thanks Mat
  21. Thanks for the info, I've ordered some nylon filler rods for the plastic welder, i'll give it a go :-)
  22. Hi don’t know , maybe the ethanol in US fuel ? this tank is also a translucent type material , it’s damaged slightly around the petcock area, I’ve removed the fixing part , just need to weld up the small splits , but it’s important to get the right filler rod material , Thanks
  23. Hi, does anyone know the type of plastic used for Sherco fuel tanks circa 2004 ? I’m assuming it’s HDPE , high density polythene ? I have a little sherco 50, and i’m going to plastic weld the fuel tank around the petcock area as it’s damaged and had previously been fixed with Epoxy . Thanks
  24. OK Thanks.. I think I can mostly get by without a manual... I've been fixing and rebuilding bikes for the past 40 years or so, but it's always handy to have a reference document to hand. Regards Mat
  25. Hi all. I just bought a nice little Sherco 0.5 kids trials bike with a view to fettling it for my grandson. Any ideas where I can get information on this bike, workshop manuals or similar. The engine is an air-cooled 50cc Polini with two speed gearbox and centrifugal clutch. Not sure of the year but I think it's 2004-2005. Regards Mat
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