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  1. Great, thanks guys I'll give that a try. Yeah it's an enduro bike. I picked it up with only 140 miles on it! I wouldn't mind trying a trials bike out, that's the txt series right? Unless i can get one for stupid cheap though, i doubt i'll be buying one. I like to have seats on mine! lol
  2. I have a 2017 GAS GAS EC300R that i'm having trouble with. I just picked it up a month ago and it's been running great until today. It's starting to "chug" when i stop, like i go ride around and come to a stop with the clutch in and it chugs down to an idle, then barely stays running for 10 seconds and dies. I've adjusted the idle and mixture screws with no success. Any suggestions? I don't know what the carb is set at now, i assume it's still on the factory settings...
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