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  1. Maybe so, it frees up again after it's cooled down so who knows
  2. Good afternoon all. It's probably been covered somewhere on here but I can't find it, so beta 300ss with grimeca brakes. Back brake started locking after 10 mins I've greased everything up and changed the pads but the retaining clip is missing ( I'm assuming it should have 1) could this be my problem and where would I get 1 if so I've looked everywhere online and had no joy. Thanks
  3. I've definitely got a leak of some sort, I've been informed its probably the crank seal wet side which I understand is not an easy fix
  4. Fresh gearbox oil, and its as clean as a whistle
  5. No but if I shake the bike about a bit ie push down on the front end hard the drip gets faster if that helps
  6. It would definitely bubble if I put it in water cos it's bubbling as it's forcing oil out
  7. The hiss was one brief noise as I put the thing in neutral it hasn't hissed since but that was definitely the start of the leak. I'm thinking a seal somewhere but haven't the faintest idea where
  8. There's a clear tube I'm assuming comes from the crank case or gear box and thats the oil source.
  9. Another update, bike starts and rides lovely however after a short test ride, I came to a stop and when I put it in neutral there was an audible hiss and now it's p****** oil out of the crank breather. Any ideas anyone?
  10. Just to update, proper wood ruff key came today. ( I'd bodged one that nearly fit) now fitted with timing retarded 5mm and it started 2nd kick and runs a treat. As for dodgy smells I'm still no wiser but the bellowing smoke has gone so who knows what that was
  11. Thanks mate your probably right I'll have a look when I get chance and let you know
  12. It was pushing the fuel into the exhaust then firing it. Burning the oil build up in the pipe, that's my theory anyway. However got it all back together and it won't start at all now so £@?@ knows
  13. Wood ruff key definitely gone bud so stator could be anywhere on the shaft so its got to be that, I'm just relieved its not something drastic that I can do myself, thanks for the kick start info. It just means my son was right. I am a pussy
  14. The sheared key looks the likely cause mate thanks
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