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  1. My 1998 tx320 needs a new seal in the brembo rear master cylinder but this part seems to be obsolete, any ideas of how to replace this obsolete part short of buying a whole new master cylinder
  2. Dazza320

    2001 txt 280

    Do you have any photos of the ball bearing or a diagram,I have a tx320 and the clutch drags a bit too
  3. Thankyou for the response Pete, looks like mine is pretty close to factory settings, it's 34 degrees Celsius here in Brisbane Australia so I'm guessing it's slightly rich, I've had good success leaning out bikes my switching to E10 petrol
  4. Hi guys, new to trails bikes and new to trailscentral so I will be popping up often asking lots of questions, I have just purchased a 1998 tx320, not in bad condition but needs the basic maintenance, pulled the dellorto carby down, jetting is as follows Main jet 122 Pilot jet 50 Needle x18 clip 1 Slide 45 Can anybody confirm this is the factory jetting
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