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  1. The 75 KT I am restoring has a threaded boss on the clutch perch for a mirror, but the front brake perch has no provision. I have been looking at all sorts of bikes, and I see some with a mirror, and others with none. What is the factory correct way? Thanks, Mark
  2. Thank you for the valuable info. I could repair my original switch if I had a switch knob for the dimmer switch. If you know of anyone who has a knob, please let me know. I also need grips. There was a left side grip listed on E-Bay, but no throttle. Again any help there would be appreciated. Mark
  3. I will be restoring a 75 KT 250. For those out there who have restored these bikes, who do you recommend for good used parts? Also on the left handlebar switch which is broken, it has provisions for a turn signal switch. Did these bikes come with turn signals? There are none on this one now. Appreciate any help. Mark
  4. Hi, I am a restorer in Wisconsin. I will be looking for parts for a 1975 Kawasaki KT250. NOS preffered. Right now I need left and right handlebar switches. A good set of pit free fork tubes would be appreciated. Would rather not need to rechrome and centerless grind if possible. Thank you for any help. Mark
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