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  1. @jonboy883 Yeah I did think that, just pulling fluid from one side of a seal to another, and then back again once lever is released. I’d prefer a whole new MC on the basis it’s over 20 years old and I think taking it apart might open another can of worms. However, given they appear to be like hens teeth I’d take a seal kit. I maybe wrong but it’s my understanding a 4rt one won’t fit as the pre 2000 Costa’s used diff brakes. It’s a Brembo rear I believe.
  2. Hi @jimmyl No it was prior to pad change and was actually mid trial it went. Good thought re the twist but sadly all good, they’re pushing out even and (just) contacting at the same time.
  3. Cheers for the response @jonboy883 I can’t 100% say their in the correct way as never had them fully popped out the calliper. However my old mans owned the bike since 2000 and the brake has been spot on until last month, so I don’t think that’d be it. Appreciate the help though.
  4. Now then all, new to the forum so apologies if this has already been covered. I am having a pretty specific issue with my rear brake (98 Cota). It bleeds up fine, pistons move ok, and push out no problem, and there's no fluid leak. However, when in use, the pistons push out no problem until the pads contact the disc (brand new disc+pads), and then when any more pressure is applied the system seems to 'jam'. Essentially, the pedal feel goes dead firm, and even when standing with all my weight on the pedal, I only get a small amount of pad movement which is enough to contact the disc, but not lock the wheel or give any major brake force. I can only think that something in the master cyclinder is jamming or moving when under a certain amount of load. Frustratingly it doesn't look like there is any stock left of the OG master cyclinders, and Brembo UK just told me to go to Honda and wouldn't let me order. I'm running out of ideas and options, if anyone has any insight, or even a 2nd hand MC lying around, I'd be massively grateful. Cheers Josh
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