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  1. Alright thats good info man cheers. I'm looking for new seals for the forks atm. But now you've said that I'm worried the springs are broken. Where did u get your replacement springs made?(UK) I'm also looking for a foot peg spring and my rear shock and spring are really thick and hard to move. What would u do with that? Thanks alot for your time.
  2. Alright so there's a threaded bar going up into the MS so that turns does it? Awesome ill have a crack at that tonight. Thanks for your reassuring input 👍🏻
  3. Hi all so I've recently been getting my bike ready for a long day sesh on Saturday and so far I've re bled both brake lines and replaced brake pads. So all was good until last night while riding around my garden maby 5 mins after using/testing my rear brake I noticed it had siezed up. It didn't do that before but last night it was so hot it was smoking. So after it cooled the brakes came free and I took the wheel off and started to look at the pistons. After speaking to a mechanic today he advised me that I needed to adjust the brake lever piston going into the MS. So I'm going to have a look at that tongiht bit any other info or ideas would be much appreciated. I've looked into getting a rebuild kit but they don't stock them fro my bike anymore so it would have to be a new caliper. But after what the mechanic said I'm hoping it's just the foot pedal I need to adjust. Now I did look at the pedal a week ago and couldn't fathem how to adjust it. As there's only one nut and when I loosened it nothing came loose or moved. So scratching my head abit hear. Again thanks in advance for any help all. 🙏 😀
  4. Hi what type of 2 stroke oil do you use and what ratio?
  5. Hi I'm new to trials and I'm after some info on the fuel mixture ratio for the gasgas 199 txt 321 2 stroke bike. Also what type of oil and what engine oil please and thankyou in advance.
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