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  1. Hi , would anyone here have a 1975 TL 125 stator coil they could part with - wound or unwound - I want to have lights on my TL and can’t find one . If anyone has one or knows where I might find one that would be a huge help . Thanks a lot , Andy
  2. Thanks everyone for all your help. ive purchased a split link and a half link but haven’t had time to fit it yet. the split pin is very fine and gives me the heebygeebies! If it failed my top end would be toast. Has anyone put a very small tack of weld on a cam chain? any thoughts on this? Or should I man up and stop worrying about it 🤪 again, really grateful for all your opinions and advice as I consider myself a bit of a bush mechanic but not an engineer or engine builder. kind regards Andy
  3. Hello everyone, looking for help with my 150cc upgrade kit. its all assembled with the new piston and barrel but the original cam chain is now too short. I measured the height of the new barrel and it’s slightly taller than the original 125 one hence the old cam chain just fits but is way too tight even in its most loose setting on the tensioner. The kit is Berlit. so I guess I need an extra link or two longer can chain? where to find one? has anyone else experienced this problem? any help or advice gratefully received, kind regards, Andy
  4. Hi, does anyone know if aluminium tanks are available for the tl 125?

    if not does the aluminium tank of a tl250 fit a 125 frame.

    id be grateful for help with this.


  5. That’s a good point. I’ll check it out


  6. Hi, yes. Good luck with it. i’ve heard you just need a stop light. Is that right. I’d be interested to know what’s needed for the mot. Speedo? Lights? kind regards, Andy
  7. Look good, I’ll give them a go. thanks so much
  8. Hi, I’ve just bought a Honda TL 125 1975 that looks good from a photo and at a distance but not so good close up! i plan to make it road legal. would appreciate a contact number of a company or person who could do this for me. Thats getting a number plate and V5 etc as it has no papers. i’m fitting a 150cc big bore kit soon, so can anyone recommend a suitable carburettor and appropriate jets? (Bearing in mind that it’s for on/off road use) last thing is I’d really love an aluminium tank. I’ve seen photos of Honda tl 125’s with them but haven’t seen any for sale. i know the 250 has an alloy tank. Does it fit? any help gratefully appreciated.
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