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  1. Thank you all it has all been take in. Just waiting on the parts ariving to fix my bike. I was giving it some to get to my riding spot also as said in a reply my bike gad been stood a while whith all this madness going on. Filter, new plug, Packing and exhaust tip in the post 👌👍. Might as we give it a service whilst its out of action thank you all.
  2. Hi all was wonder if anyone could help me. I took my bike out today and my exhaust set on fire I'll need to buy a few parts to mend the damage. Was just wondering if anyone might know the cause or reason this could have happend. The plastic cover (tip) has a big hole in it so this will need replacing and the packing will need to be changed. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this before of have had this happen. I personally have never come across this. Tia.
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