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  1. I found an owners manual online. For my bike, it said to use 5W fork oil with 115 mL on the spring leg and 55 mL on the shock leg.
  2. How do I tell if it has tech forks?
  3. Can you tell me how to contact him?
  4. I have a 2015 Scorpa twenty 300 that has started leaking at the fork seal. No biggie, they are probably the seals installed at the factory. What weight of fork oil should I use and how much oil goes in each leg?
  5. I recently bought a 2015 Scorpa twenty 300...in theory. Vin#VMUSR30TRFA000819. I have tried vin number decoding sites and they come back as "invalid vin". Can someone help me figure it out? Pic below.
  6. Thank you Alshine and Kona for your help. Kona... I didnt think to contact Beta U.S.A., thank you for the part number. They had one in stock, so now I'm waiting for it to arrive. You are right, a 2T protector won't fit on a 4T, they are shaped completely different.
  7. I have bought case covers from Kellycarbon, the parts are very high quality and he is great to deal with. I'm trying to find someone in the U. S. that has the silencer protector, if I can't find one I'll probably contact Kellycarbon again.
  8. Can someone please tell me where I can find a full rear silencer protector/cover to fit a 2013 Beta Evo 250 4T? I have checked the Trials Store, Trials Superstore and RYP. They seem to be an endangered species. Or, will a silencer protector for a 09-14 Evo 2T fit my 4T?
  9. rrefugee

    Evo 4t chain

    Thank you all for helping me out. I have a chain ordered, a 1/2 link is another story. They sell for 7-9 dollars but they want 25-32 dollars to ship. I need to find one with a more reasonable shipping cost. The chain on the bike dosen't have a 1/2 link so maybe I can go without one.
  10. rrefugee

    Evo 4t chain

    I counted the links, there are only 50. So will any 50 link 520 chain work?
  11. rrefugee

    Evo 4t chain

    Dont laugh, I feel pretty stupid asking this. It's a newbie thing. I'm going to replace both sprockets and the chain on my 4t. Is there something special about a 4t chain? Looking on Ebay there are tons of Beta specific chains listed but they all say "not for use on 4t". Trials Superstore and The Trials Shop have chains, all are listed as 520 chains, but all have different numbers of links. What chain do I need? I'm using 10/42 sprockets.
  12. I started taking it apart today. When I drained the oil, there was nothing on the drain plug magnet. So now I'm in the process of getting the clutch removed, then taking apart the shift mechanism. I took out the shift shaft and the spring looked fine. When I looked closer at the shift mechanism, one side of the return spring just fell off. So one side of the spring was broken but it hadn't snapped off. Problem found, so far so good. My bike has been super dependable in the four years I have owned it, this is the most involved repair it has ever needed. It only took about 2-3 hours to take it apart and find the problem. Putting it back together should be faster.
  13. I looked in to that first thing, unfortunately that isn't the problem.
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I hope it is the spring that is the problem, that seems like an easier repair than a broken weld on the shift shaft. Either way, I'll be taking it apart for some exploratory surgery when I get back in town...hopefully in a few days.
  15. Can you be more specific? What problem/assembly do I need to look for/at? I'm not trying to come across stupid or as a wise ass, I have never had to deal with this type of situation before. Thank you for your help.
  16. My bike has recently acquired a problem with the shifter. When going to a higher gear, it shifts gears fine but the shift lever stays in the up position. It will go down to neutral position if I bump it gently with my foot. Once in neutral position again, it will shift into the next higher gear no problem but the shift lever still stays up. When shifting to a lower gear the lever will go to neutral position on its own. It dosnt make any abnormal noise or feel different when shifting and it was working fine most of the day, then out of the blue, it started acting up. Is it an ordeal to get to the shift mechanism? Can the shift mechanism be inspected and/or removed with the engine as is in the bike, or does it have to be torn down and the cases split?
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