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    Hi freinds... I know this ia a long shot, but does anyone out here know of or know someone who may know of a Scorpa T-Ride for sale.....Ive gotten oled enought the normal trials bikes dont suit me too well anymore but want a good cross over bike to go where my 530exc won't. I like the I dea of the 4 stroke yamaha motor for the torque and fuel mileage as opposed to say the 2 stroke of the x ride by sherco....but I.may have to settle for one of those. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much and have fun but be safe. Ray....
  2. Hello there freinds...new here...and looking forward to gabbing....I had to sell my montesa cota 315 2 years ago due to arthritis in both my knees....but know Ive had them replaced this feb adn am looking to get another bike....however Im 58.and cant justify a regular trials bike.anymore so Im looking for preferably a Scorpa t-ride with the wr250 motor or maybe a sherco 280 xride....hard to find I know but maybe one of you out here has an Idea.... I'll be looking forward to talking and Thanks for any help available.
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