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  1. Hi, maybe you can help me with this, I bought another ECU to try again writing it. I know you use MCUinnovations and that it's different from the software I'm using, but does it ask about the size of the file to write? With HondaFlasher is possible to choose between 64byte and 128byte but I can't really sort out which is the right one for this ECU, checksum address should be correct
  2. Only a 2ED model from a 300cc bike. I read the code but when I tried to write it back it didn't work. The progress bar wasn't moving and eventually I stopped the program ending up with a bricked ECU
  3. I tried several times with MCU Innovations free software but wasn't able to make it work. I read the ECU using HondaFlasher and bought the xdf file. I tried to write the ECU but that didn't work, at first the writing wasn't successful, and the bin file on the ECU didnt change, the second time ECU just bricked and doesn't respond anymore. Did you manage to write back ECUs too?
  4. Hi, I'm doing a similar job on Montesa ECUs. I built the harnesses to add a power supply to the diagnosis plug and I can read the 32kB bin file. Using TunerPro I can interpret the bin file and obtain results much similar to yours. May I ask what software did you use to connect to the ECU?
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