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  1. Hi Reggie. Thanks for your reply. BT27722001 seems to be an AJP 2 piston caliper and seems to have been fitted to the TXT. Mine is a TX and has a4 piston Hebo fitted. Do you happen to know if they are interchangeable? I contacted him Snell however the replacement BT27922001/1 is also currently out of stock and it's expensive, between taxes and shipping it's a 3rd of what I gave for the bike.
  2. Thanks d2w. I have already tried the breakers. I will give him Snell a shout. Cheers
  3. Hi all, Im very new to the sport and just picked up my first bike a 1998 Gasgas TX 270. The bike is in need of a new rear caliper and I am having serious problems finding one. The part number is bt27922001 but they are long out of production. If anyone knows where I can source one or perhaps knows if it is possible to use a different caliper and mounting plate I would be very grateful. Thanks Mosclown
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