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  1. G'day all, Looking at purchasing a used 2010 TXT PRO 300 and discovered a couple of tiny cracks in the headstock area during inspection. I found a thread with a much more catastrophic failure on here that had cracks which seemed to emanate from a similar area. I am sure the welds could be repaired, but I wondered if anyone had seen cracking like this before and what you all thought of it in general? Is that gusset on the RHS structural? I can see the RHS crack goes all the way through, but can't really check the LHS one, it could just be paint. There does seem to be a little bit of a crack in the paint on the weld directly above it also you might be able to see in the photo. Any insight would be much appreciated! Happy trails. Tk
  2. Thanks guys. I'll be checking this out in a couple of hours so will look for those two.
  3. G'day all, I'm a complete beginner to trials. Very keen to get a bike and learn. Not to compete at this stage, but to develop better off road handling skills. I have an adventure bike and I spend too much time picking it up 😂 I am planning to look at an early 2000s Scorpa SY250 tomorrow. It's been stored for quite a while but looks quite tidy. Aside from the generic used bike checks I wondered if anyone on here might have some specific SY knowledge and be able to point me towards common issues I should be on the lookout for? Maybe trials bike specific things I should check out? Any information would be very much appreciated! Very keen to hop onboard. Thanks all, Tk
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