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  1. Hi Reggie, I ordered the new voltage regulator, I fitted today & everything is now working fine. That has solve the problem with the intermittent fan issue. Thanks again. Stuart
  2. Reggie thanks for that! I have just carried that out & the fan is running fine! hopefully it's the voltage regulator. I will order a new one & take it from there. Thanks again.
  3. I have a 2016 Beta 250cc Evo Factory. Intermittent fault with the fan; The fans comes on as it should but when you rev the bike it stops! you need to push by hand to restart the fan, sometimes it will come on by itself. I have bypassed the thermostat but this does not make any difference the fan still stops when revved! Does anybody have any ideas what the issue is could it be? The wiring looks good I cannot see anything loose.
  4. Thanks Dan, l manage to find the issue. One of the wires at the light unit is chaffed so its been shorting / earthing out. I have just disconnected the light unit from the loom for know and the fans is working as it should.
  5. Hi there, I have an issue with the fan on a 2016 Beta Evo 250cc Factory, The fan is running intermittently & when it runs the rear light goes on & when it stops the light goes off - Strange! The fan is not running as it should so the bike would run very hot if I was using it. I will not use until I resolve the issue. Anybody experience this before? & have any suggestion to help me on my way. Thanks Stuart
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