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  1. I am not aware of who you are nor was I aware of your trials experience, just the same as you don’t know who I am and you don’t know my previous experience? I do apologize for coming off rude, but if you were in my boots you would feel like you were being chided like a child? I dove into troubleshooting as thats what I do for a career (although on heavy equipment) I was looking for assistance on the specifics of that particular ignition system as it seemed odd and did not look stock to me. I don’t want to be a stain on the community as quoted above but there should be respect flowing in both directions then no? Sincere apologies and hopefully we can continue this discussion
  2. The story was, and the previous owner is a stand up guy, that the ignition was replaced pro active to avoid the known issues with the Ducati. Everything seems in tact with the CDI, ground is good and clean, I cut a bit off each end of the plug wire, checked the resistance at the spark plug cap etc etc. The company HPI that sells the kit was also very helpful and we walked through a couple of test. In the end they determined it best we ship the CDI and regulator back to Belgium (not what you want to hear in prime riding season.) So the Husky 250 is going to get a few more miles in the mean time. yes we have some great trails, just lacking in the mileage you have in Vernon. Please contact me if you are coming up here for a ride!
  3. I dove into it tonight now that I am back home, I was in Smithers when this happened. If you kick the bike over on a centre stand there is visible spark, but no spark with a light kick. I was even able to get it to fire once and it ran until the carb ran out of fuel. But generally it will backfire, or fire once and sputter/ die. I rechecked the magnetic pickup, set the gap, rechecked the stator, etc etc. Could not find a definitive problem all resistances seem normal, pickup seemed a bit low on AC voltage but I wasn’t spinning it with a drill. The only breakthrough moment was that I found who made the CDI, it didn’t seem stock to me and well its not. https://www.hpi.be/appcategory.php?brand=Gas Gas&cat=cdi I will be contacting them for advice but my current thoughts are the CDI or the regulator has failed as nothing glaringly obvious has shown up?
  4. Hey sorry, been a busy couple of weeks. I am in Revelstoke, so not far, I frequent you Knick of the woods hitting up Noble Canyon. It’s an odd issue or unfortunate timing, I would have made a bigger deal out of the situation if I actually swamped it, I’ve swamped bikes before this was more of a splash. Anyhow the only problem I see is I really like beer…..
  5. I came here seeking mechanical advice not fatherly but thank you
  6. I know someone with a 2011 300 but Trials bikes are pretty rare birds in my part of the world.
  7. Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared to do this work in the bush and I was more than a few km from the truck and pushing it out wasn’t an option.I went though the carb as I noticed signs of water entering the air box, dried air box and expected it to fire up as I was able to get it running enough to flee the bugs and the Bush. When it didn’t start as per normal I began troubleshooting the lack of spark. Sorry yes I did remove the ignition cover and found a small amount of condensation, dried and cleaned but still no change.
  8. Trust me this was my first thought but I wasn’t too concerned as it was really only belly pan deep and more of a splash than anything, but I did obviously wet the filter so perhaps this should have been my reaction.
  9. Sorry, no spark visible when held against engine.
  10. Dannydangles

    07 txt pro

    Hello, been creeping the forum for awhile now and was hoping you guys could help me work through an issue! 07 gas gas txt pro, bought this year, bike was like new with original tires, been having a blast using it to poach mountain biking and hiking trails. Brought it with me on a trip and had to do a creek crossing, it was a little deeper than expected and the bike died when I got to the other side, kicked it over for 30 min and finally went. Then I had to go back across, well soon as I hit the water same issue. This time I kicked the poor thing over for an hour and got it started, was running terrible , misfiring etc. Now it won’t start. Performed the following Cleaned Carb etc and no go. Checked for spark and seems there is none installed New plug and no go. checked continuity of plug wire and resistance for plug cap 5k ohm (seems ok) Checked resistance across stator and I have 1.0 ohm (seems ok) Checked resistance across coil and I have 2200 ohm (seems ok?) checked resistance across magnetic pickup and I have 250 ohm (seems ok) I am having troubles identifying the ignition system? I recall the previous owner mentioning it was upgraded from the Ducati but I can’t tell, I’m away from my shop and do not have the tools to pull the flywheel. Here is a pic of my ignition system, and the wiring matches the Ducati pictured below as well. Hoping for some help identifying so I can perform more thorough troubleshooting and order parts/upgrade.
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