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  1. I finally found a fitting speedo drive gear (From ct125) and 3d-scanned it. If you also need it as urgent as i did get yourself a 3d-printer or a friend who has one and print it. t's just the speedo gear, no worm drive as i couldn't extract it. Didn't test the print yet, because i'm happy with the metal gear. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZdRx2qOBbFkJ2G2wRs8kymjSXC9wcUUG/view?usp=sharing https://anonfiles.com/j3D669Ebuf/tl125_speedo_gear_stl https://mega.nz/file/AigGyYgK#gpMSnJJdqIccU7ppVmYCF3N89ZQk3DTHX7PgRt9ftrw Have fun 🙂
  2. So i received my parcel from australia today. For ppl looking for that speedo gear in the future: The one from the CT125 fits, it has the same front hub as the TL125, you can replace it straight with the one from the CT125
  3. Took a while longer then expected. I tried a cycle speed already, but it shows more or less random numbers instead of real speed. I adjusted the wheel size in the computer accordingly, but it won't stop to jump around and show random numbers. However i bought a ripped XL125S as spare and took the whole front wheel for my TL. It has the speedo gear and it's working. I used the brake cables and speedo cable of the XL125s to make it a good fit. However, the speedo cable is way too long, but i plan to use it only for the check to make it road legal. If i pass i drop back my TL wheel in. I don't care about speed anyway, because top speed is around 60km/h.
  4. I should have the gears from an SL125 brakeplate as I have used one on my trials bike and removed the gears to lose some weight.

    It will be in the garage somewhere, but I can't look as I've just had a shoulder injury and I'am in a sling.


    If you still want one in a few weeks let me know and I will have a search



    1. MrWeedster


      Hi. Thanks for your answer, i'll wait, i think i don't have another option left. Also i'm curious if the front plate of the SL fits

    2. teamferret


      I don't have an SL brakeplate anymore, but it did look identical to a mates TL one. Will have a look for speedo drive when I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks



  5. Hi. I'm in the progress of getting an old TL125S back to the street and make it street legal. I got everything working so far, except the tachometer, because i'm missing the gear in the front wheel hub (part no 44804-355-003). This gear seems to be impossible to find, no one can get it. I tried to fit one of a XL125, but thats too large to fit. Now i'm curious if theres another alternative that's fitting, maybe from another honda. I don't want to use another tachometer or make any dirty hacks, but thats an option if anything else fails. Any good advice on alternatives? Thanks in advantage
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