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  1. I am building a pre 74 bantam trials bike with 21 and 18 “ rims do I go alloy or chrome what are the pros and cons of both
  2. I am in the process of building a bantam trials and would like to fit a Drayton tear drop shaped tank does anyone have one they want to sell cheers
  3. standard bantam sub frame but it will be modified for mudguard and may need narrowing at the top to give better space between thighs
  4. Thanks naichuff the feked one looks great but a bit out of my price range I have managed to pick up a Tiger cub sports arm which is wider than the bantam one and should be a straight swap
  5. I am looking to put a tiger cub swinging arm on my bantam to give a bit more clearance i can find two part no’s F4070 and F4598 which would be correct for d14 / 175 frame thanks
  6. Hi my name is Charlie, I am from Bournemouth and 50 something Looking to buy a bike not sure wether to go b40 or bantam b14/4 i am a beginner rider and concerned that the b40 may be to heavy to learn and gain experience on i am looking to build up a road bike to trials spec as a project for the winter months i know people will say it’s a money pit, but I am not trying to win anything and am just doing it for fun and to keep me busy during the winter months, not to bothered about what it costs but obviously don’t want to waste money and it doesn’t need to be competitive i rebuilt a Gp2 beach buggy a couple of years ago and I have just finished a fast road spec classic mini and looking for another project, can’t be another car as I have run out of space Any advice would be good thanks
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