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  1. Hello. I'm new to trials and can say that I'm a proud owner of a 2013 Beta Evo Factory 250! I love everything about the bike but there's only one thing that's causing an issue, it doesn't have a light/ mapping switch. I can only assume that the switch had been broken and taken off, (after all, they seem to be in a very vulnerable spot). Anyway, with my situation, I could really do with the headlight working again. The wiring at the front seems connected properly so I took the main body off and it seems like there is a loose 4-pin and 2-pin connection. Am I right in assuming that the 2-pin connection is for the brake/ rear bulb? I'm not worried about that bulb as the bulb and wiring, (that runs up the rear mudguard), have been removed. I'm dumb with this sort of stuff but would it be right to buy the light switch, (the image attached), and plug it into the 4-pin connector? Also, there seems to be grease in the 4-pin socket. Has this been done to prevent corrosion/ muck build-up? I'm hoping it's that simple but just thought I'd post on here to check first. Thanks in advance!
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