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  1. Hi, it is all clean and working, i have this testing with the carb on the table. I blow air with my mouth in the opening from the gas and de needle hold all closing
  2. The pic with the dotted green line is from dan, the pic with the script "correct height" is from billy You mean the setting like this pic is right?
  3. Hello all! (sry for my english, i am from italy) I want repair the beta rev3 270ccm (2007) from my brother, this bike is never working good, has always a problem whith leaking gas... When i open the gas (the bike is off) its leaking gas out of the carb..(the carb is clean and the neadle looks not bad) I hath reading billyt carb mod but ist hard do understand it with my english... I have found this pic on the forum from @dan williamsnow i have please a question: 1: the red line is the right setting of the tangs? 2: the green line is the right setting of the little tab, to stop the tangs from fall down(1/16 over top left hand lower tower)? On the pic from @billyt, is the setting of the tangs much higher? What is now right? Thank you!
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