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  1. can you advise where the o ring gasket is or where to buy from tbh didn't really notice a torx bit in there lol
  2. Well took bike back out same thing got it warmed up drove it up the road then died kicked for ages no chance , popped a new plug in and all fine tonight I've stripped carb again let the jets soak in some carb cleaner for a bit then airline blew it all out they did look blocked again , I noticed a breather pipe was missing so not sure if that could draw dirt in ? also took not of jets 52 pilot 130 main didn't really want to mess with jets as about 2 years back when it was in use no problems at all and just been sat around unused til last few weeks again cheers
  3. thanks will take a look
  4. awh1

    beta evo wiring

    there's some spaces under the tank which some cables go through and there is gaps within the frame not sure if the block connectors would fit through though 🤔
  5. awh1

    beta evo wiring

    anyone ever rerouted the wiring on an evo , the carb and fuel switch area is a very tight space with cabling coming down there aswell cheers
  6. checked carb it's a keihin pwk there appears to be some numbers ground off but can make out last bits it's ground away before the 9 9 OW18 not stripped back down yet to see what size jets are in there etc
  7. thanks I will gave another look later and can then check what carb is on it any ideas on what jets should be in there tried looking on the beta online manual but no mentions of jet sizes cheers Andrew
  8. thanks for the response 👍 I've taken carb apart twice , cleaned out with airline every jet blown through etc , 2nd time a piece came out of the jet which opened up quite a bit 2nd time I was adamant that that cleared out and topping up of the coolant would have been the cause but its still the same only thing I've yet to check is the breather pipes for any blockages ,
  9. hi all , my sons 2010 evo 125 is having some issues can be a bugger to start , would rev tick over then just die then kick and kick no joy tilt bike to side with fuel out overflow would help get started again but same issues I've checked plug which was new last outing 2 weeks back as same issues and is sparking , stripped carb and a jet was a little blocked all cleared with an airline started back up and same issues wouldn't idle off choke but once bike warmed up by keep revving /blipping to intervene or riding it down lane it ticks over nice and only get a dip in engine note every 30 seconds or so at idle don't hear or feel a dip when riding it around coolant was a little low so topped up thinking couldn't it be getting hot but still same any help out there please driving us nuts now thanks Andrew
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