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  1. tone

    Beta Evo 2t 2009

    Did you manage to find an insurance company to insure your Beta Evo, I am having the same problem now, I have tried all the usual ones i.e Caroll Nash, ebike insure etc? Thanks Tone
  2. tone

    Beta Evo 2t Insurance

    I have tried Carol Nash and they are one of the ones that informed me that there underwriters wouldn't insure it. Thanks Tone
  3. tone

    Beta Evo 2t Insurance

    I have just purchased a new Beta Evo 2T but having difficulties finding anyone who will insure it.......anyone else experienced the same problem or can advise me on where you managed to get insurance? Thanks Tone
  4. tone

    Heavy Clutch

    Thanks Dan I have investigated further and conclude that a) the Clutch lever requires more pressure to pull it in and it certainly requires more effort to hold it in. It does seem to relaeas OK though. Hope this helps point me in the right direction. How big was the weight? Regards Tone
  5. tone

    Heavy Clutch

    Any one got any other ideas? Tone
  6. tone

    Heavy Clutch

    Hi I have tried back bleeding, but still heavy, any other ideas? Thanks Tone
  7. tone

    Heavy Clutch

    Went out for a practice today and the Clutch on my 07 250 Rev3 has gone really heavy, Got home and have changed the oil but still no difference, can anyone offer any advise on what I need to do? Thanks Tone
  8. tone

    Michael Brown Stickers

    Thanks, I have tried BVM, BVM only have the white ones, I am looking for the Black set. Regards Tone
  9. tone

    Michael Brown Stickers

    Any body got any ideas where I might purchase a set of the Michael Brown Stickers but in Black (SXS currently only has the White ones? Thanks Tone
  10. tone

    Front Brake Fade

    Can anybody give me some advice on how to over come the problem of the front brake really fading when its really wet & muddy. I rode a trial at the weekend which I have to say was really sloppy horrible mud and at times the front brake leaver was nearly reaching the handlebar. now that it has all dried out it feeld fine. Any suggestions on how to eliminat such brake fade? Regards Tony
  11. tone

    Fan Problem

    I have had loads of problems with fans not working on ny 06 and 07 250 rev 3's. Done all the usual things, i.e. joined the connectors together, new thermostats etc only to realise the culprit was nothing more than a bad earth on the little black box which is tucked up above the radiator. Sorted this out some months ago and have not had a problem since. Tone
  12. Hi I had a similar problem from new, tried all the usual crossing wires & new thermostats etc (3 off), only to find out it was a bad earth that holds the rectifier to the frame just behind the radiator, Cleaned up, now works fine. Tone
  13. Does any one know when the indoor will be shown on Eurosport? Thanks Tone
  14. Police not interested with malc's they said not interested in anything stolen from sheds or garages.....what message does that send out to the scum bags?
  15. Beware Stolen Bike Some of you will know Malcolm Evely a well renowned and respected clubman rider from the South Midland Centre. After purchasing a brand new 08 Gas Gas 250 pro (Red with Black Frame) from John Lees Motorcycles in Higham Ferrers 3 weeks ago, some low life scum bags broke into his garage between Tuesday 18th December and the evening of Wednesday 19th December and stole it. Engine Number: GG 250 70709096 Frame/Chassis Number: VTRGG 2502J0970103. Please be aware if any one tries to sell you this bike and if so please report it to Wellingborough Police.
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