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  1. That is a 98 techno, cool! I have the same one! Having a real hard time finding a rear caliper. It had an old aftermarket galfer 4pot caliper with an aftermarket bracket that needs rebuilt, but no one has the pots or seals. Trying to find anything that i can use to replace it. The 2000 to 2004 rev, i believe has the same swing arm as the techno. Im waiting for the 00 to 04rev rear caliper bracket to come. With some slight mods i believe a front ajp will bolt on to the rear. This is totally not a fact, but i been at a loss with it and willing to try anything. I have no rear brake, basically the bike is useless to me. Anyone know of any rear calipers or front calipers and bracket that will bolt up to a techno? Goodluck on your build. I love the 98 beta and dont want to let it go. It's in great shape, starts on the 1st or 2nd kick everytime. Thanks
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