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  1. So the bike is still not running. the original garage cleaned out the carb, re packed the exhaust and left it for a month on a stand with the exhaust and carb off for it to 'dry out'. That cost me £325. They were about to start taking the engine apart when i got the bike back and tried somewhere else. The new guy is sure its the CDI unit. BUT he can't source a 2009 unit so has quoted me £800 for an updated bunch of electronics. I went on ebay and found one that should be compatible for £80. Once that arives in the post, ill take it to the new guy, plug it in to see if it fixes the issue. If not, Im selling the bike for scrap. Trials is **** If anyone can point me in the direction of someone who either wants to buy this bike - or someone who knows how to fix it without trying to rip me off, that would be much appreciated. I'm in north east shropshire
  2. I need a carb kit with jets. Got the bits off ebay....the fuel in the carb was green. seller lied to me about using it regularly. that's fine. its a nice bike and im happy to try to ge it going again. etc *thumb*
  3. Thanks for your reply, Plug is wet. I'll try your suggestion in the final sentence thank you. Seller says he last started it 2 weeks ago and ran it for a while to check stuff. There is deffo a spark with plug removed. I shocked myself quite nicely. Full choke and no throttle. Noted. Seller also says it always starts from cold with 1 or 2 kicks unless it floods - which it does easily. *shrug* i am having zero luck. I'm getting a bit disheartened. been trying now to start it for a day and a half. Not even a glimmer from it. I'll keep trying for now but I'm actually knackered! My plan for remedy - take it to a local event anyway and see if i can get some tips or book it in with a local mechanic....
  4. Helloo, I've just bough a Gasgas 125 (2009) off ebay and I cant get the thing to start. During purchase it wouldn't start either but im confident that, in a few months, with your help, it'll fire up!! Here is what I know: bike looks good, its got a carburettor and a spark plug. compression seems fine. There is fuel in the tank. It's been left for a while unused. Ill try to add some pics - Please could any one give me some simple tips. Somewhere to start in terms of getting this thing started. So far I have mainly tried: full choke. half/full throttle, kicking the hell oot of it till I'm knackered.
  5. Hello. I'm new. I need a bike. Also, is there anywhere to ride in the Telford/Shropshire area pert of the country. Hopefully i can find a ton of info on this forum. Matt
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