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  1. I finally found out why my 1992 Gas Gas GT25 Contact trials bike had no spark and this is what I did to fix it. First I bought a new spark plug and tested it, still no spark. I unhooked the kill switch thinking it may be shorted out somewhere, nope still no spark. I took the coil off and tested it with a Multimeter and the coil tested ok but the spark plug boot was all over the place on the multimeter so I replaced the boot with a new one. Still no spark at plug, but I'm getting hopeful. I had help from this web site and my earlier post from Lineaway, Lemur and Tr1al who told me to go to thehellteam.com. Paul Arnott from thehellteam.com helped me get a wiring diagram and part number for the Motoplat ignition black box, (part no. M02812100) for my bike. He had me look on an Italian web site Enduro Puro in Italy and they seemed to have parts but I couldn't read Italian. I ended up finding ONE on ebay and I immediately bought it, and they shipped it to me from Hanover, Germany. I paid about $180 for it with the shipping and all but it was well worth it. When I got it in the mail I went out to my garage and hooked it up to my Gas Gas. I had cleaned all the connections and hooked up all the wires and then it was time to try for spark again. This time I had a good spark, finally YES ! I put on all the plastic and called up my friend who wanted to buy it, we put in some gas and after 4 kicks it fired right up. He gave me the money for the bike yesterday and with him living close by he said I can come over any time and ride it etc. I was happy with him buying it because I know he will take good care of it. I bought this bike brand new in 1993, so I've had this bike for 30 years. I'm glad I sold this to a friend who I know will take care of it. Because this bike is like a very good friend to me as I'm sure a lot of you already know. I'm glad it will be close by in case I want to visit it. So that's how I got it to have spark and run again.    Layne Reedy

    old spark plug boot.jpg


    Below the front gas tank mounting bolt. This is where my Motoplat ignition box was found - w words.jpg

    Motoplat ignition part no. M02812100.jpg

    Multimeter -.jpg

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  2. I thought I'd pass on a bit of wisdom about riding a trials bike with a fan. And most trials bikes these days have a radiator, fan and cooling system. When I was riding my Gas Gas hard during competition of course things would heat up. Sometimes you don't have time to look down and see if your fan on your bike is running. So what I did was paint a white dot on every other fan blade on the part of the blade facing you as you look in at it. Then when the fan is running you will see a white line in the center of the fan while it's spinning and you will know right away that your fan is on and working. So you are riding and focused on the sections. You don't want to worry at all about equipment failure, you just have to glance down at your fan real quick to see the white blurry line inside your fan area to know it is spinning. The photo below is from the fan on my own 1992 Gas Gas GT25 Contact. Notice the white dots on the fan blades. My bike is above it and I used to look into the opening on the front side cover to see the fan. Just some helpful information to pass along to other trials riders.       Layne 

    Motor tank right side-smaller.jpg

    white marks on fan.jpg

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  3. 8 hours ago, lemur said:

    Is easy: The silver box is the regulator and the red box is the rectifier, both of those relate to powering your fan which required DC voltage.  The fan will also have a thermostat switch so the fan only turns on when it gets hot.

    Your ignition parts consist of an alternator which produces AC energy to power everything plus a sensor to know where the piston is, both those items are inside the engine casings, attached to the CDI black box that initiates an electric charge to the ignition coil which intensifies the voltage from the CDI box so that it can make the plug spark 🤓 

    Good start would be clean and reconnect all the connections to everything including the ground wire which you can ohm meter test, then try for spark again.  If it comes to meter testing I would always start at the source of the power which is the alternator output, service manuals will tell you how.  The coils and ignition wires can be ohm meter tested but the CDI box would need to be swapped out with a known good one to know for sure if you need a new CDI box. 

    It looks like this Motoplat Ignition Module 406 is what I need. This is what was on my bike behind the regulator and rectifier and it looks like this is what was used before they started using the CDI at Gas Gas. See the wiring diagram for my bike below. I looked all over the internet tonight and couldn't find this motoplat modul anywhere. Where on this earth can I find this Module? Anybody know?







    wiring diagram - 1992 Gas Gas - big.jpg

  4. I bought a new 1992 Gas Gas GT25 Contact with the hydraulic clutch back in 1993. I still have that bike and I have been fixing it up to sell. After all the work I did I found out it has no spark. I put a new plug in it and disconnected the kill switch, still no spark. There is a picture below of my coil and electrical components without the gas tank on.  I'm not sure where the black kill switch wire goes to. It goes from the handlebar to a green clip type plastic box. This box plugs into a second half of another box. See the attached picture. I'm kind of lost with these wires. I'm not sure where it continues to go from there.  I removed the coil and replaced the coil spark plug boot and I think I am getting somewhere. I bought a digital multi meter to trace down continuity circuits. This wiring stuff is very confusing to me. What do I look for next? Help Please.




  5. Hi everyone. I'm new to this web site but not to trials. I started riding Observed Trials when I was 12 on a Honda TL-125. I worked for my Dad back then and he paid me $1.00 an hour. When I saved up enough money for half the price of a TL-125 my Dad put in the other half to buy the bike and get me into Trials. My first trophy I got was in the novice class in 1974 and I had "0" points for the day. That trophy was hand made by Jerry Young from PA out of cast iron. That's my favorite trophy. Then my parents bought me a 1974 Bultaco Sherpa-T 350. I did really good riding the Bultaco and Bultaco sponsored me. I was getting bikes for half price and free parts, which my parents loved. My next bike was a 1976 Bultaco Sherpa-T 350. I was in the Expert class by 1976. I rode trials events in places like Moto Mecca and Roaring Branch, PA. I rode a World Round trials event around 1976 in Michigan. I joined the U.S. Army and rode my Ossa 350 in a local German Trials event and got a 5th place trophy. I was the only American rider at that event. That was pretty cool because I didn't even know what class to ride in and I came home with a 5th place trophy from Emmendingen, Germany. After the Army I bought my brother's Beta and got back into riding trials here in PA. I rode an event in New Mexico in 1994. I rented a Gas Gas bike from a local rider in New Mexico and rode a two day event out there. I bought a 1992 Gas Gas GT25 Contact Trials bike with the hydraulic clutch. I bought that new in 1993 and still have that bike after 30 years. I love riding trials and have a ton of great memories with all my trials bikes but especially my current Gas Gas trials bike. Unfortunately I have to sell my Gas Gas now because my wife and I are financially struggling and we really need the money. I'm going to be very sad to see it go. The last few pictures on the very bottom are what my Gas Gas looks like today.

    Layne doing wheelie on Gas-Gas outside of Bobby-os house..jpg

    Me in competition at Motorama, indoor stadium Observed Trials. - ENHANSED..jpg

    Me test riding the oil barrel for our motorcycle event we put on..jpg

    Layne going down steps at Bobby-os house on Gas-Gas..jpg

    Germany with Ossa and trophie.jpg

    Me riding in a World Round Trials Competition at Port Huron, Michigan in 1976..jpg

    1974 Bultaco Sherpa-T 350 - The magazine photo.jpg

    Layne over sea saw not cropped.jpg

    Me Riding an Observed Trials event in New Mexico - ENHANSED.jpg

    around 1995, at the Moto Trials National in Williamsport. Me playing around after the trials were over..jpg

    AMA pins 2.jpg

    Me doing a nose wheelie, riding in a parade dressed as Uncle Sam.jpg

    Layne wheelie Gas-Gas.jpg

    Layne MX style jump on my Gas-Gas - cropped w more color.jpg

    NMTA trophy 1994.jpg

    Emmendingen Trophy.JPG

    Layne over car Motorama 1995.jpg

    Layne on Gas-Gas at Lowes.jpg

    Layne over giant see saw Westwood.jpg

    AMA 50 yr Charter Life Membership Pin.jpg

    Rollover stunt bike in Germany 1987.jpg

    back left of bike.jpg

    Back tire shot.jpg

    handlebars and light from front.jpg

    Motor tank & back wheel left side.jpg

    Layne w helmet-cropped - ENHANSED.jpg

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