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  1. Thanks for all your advice ill be stripping it down 1 evening and see how I get on thanks again
  2. Ok thanks ill give it a good clean tomorrow thanks
  3. Hi I have a gasgas txt pro 2005 300cc and it won't stay started for longer than about 5 mins just before it cuts out it lacks power then dies if i rev it high it will stay running abit longer but will run again a few mins later but only a couple of mins I've had someone rewind the starter as that's what someone said but to me it sounds like the floats in the carb are sticking and petrol is slowly seeping through thus being the reason running longer the first time because the bowl would be full if any body has any idea I would be more than happy to hear it please help thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone I've got a Gasgas txt pro 2005 300cc and it starts up fine and warms up then after about 5 mins of riding it will cut out sometimes rev up first then cut out I've cleaned the carb and checked the fuel and spark plug any info would be great thank you
  5. Alright mate have you thought bout joining any clubs I'm from swanage and a beginner I've rode a few trials at water side jmcc trials club a couple of years ago and found it really helped rather than riding on my own?
  6. All sorted she's back alive and kicking I had pinched the feul line behind the carb so no feul was getting in thanks for all the ideas Cheers
  7. No checked that lol any other ideas?
  8. andybetarev3

    Cutting Out

    Just changed the kick start gear idle gear and clutch case put it back together started fine then after a couple of kicks to make sure it was working right it was ticking over then suddenly it reved up and cut out any ideas? Thanks
  9. Yeah just been watching them that bloke is good any idea how to bleed the clutch? Can't find a video for that Cheers
  10. Hi guys first of all I'd like to say thanks for all your advice On my problem here's an update ordered new clutch case Kickstart gear idle gear and clutch case gasket all were chewed to bits Gotta check out the water pump aswell but can't handle seeing more Damage at the moment is there anything I need to no or advice on putting it Back 2gether anything will help don't matter how small a detail Thanks for all your help Andy
  11. Wr15hty you were correct got a big crack around the kick start have to replace it now and hope its sorted just ordered a new crank seal aswell thanks
  12. Haha that's a good 1 zippy wen I find out ill let u no cheers ?
  13. Ok well I'll check the coolant see if its getting lower yeah the kick start seems fine how would you suggest to start to tackle this problem any suggestion would be great Thanks for your help
  14. That's great advice thanks if it is the coolant leaking in how would I stop it? I hope it is a easy fix thanks for your help ?
  15. Hi it looks like its dripping out the bottom where the join is what do u think? Thanks
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