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  1. Getting around to finishing my Saracen. The forks that came with the bike seem to be from a Sprite 125 MX. What forks came with the early iron barreled bikes?
  2. Yeah Franks is rude when you ask him for Pathfinder parts. Motowest in Wisconsin has tons of Puch 175 parts and they are very nice to deal with. Now if I could find parts for my Cotton Minerelli
  3. mrpbody44

    1968 Saracen

    Ronald Thanks for any help with the bearings. I am starting the resto this winter. Ron Thanks for the info I have a NOS rim to lace to the hub. Kanur Get in touch with me anytime. Not too many Saracen owners out there. I know Paul Danik has a Saracen MX bike
  4. I have two of these bikes both enduro models. One I have modded for trails but will put it back to enduro form soon. Great trail bikes and enduro bikes but the motor is not very good for trials. The bikes I have have the later non stock 5 speed motors in them and are fast. I have motocrossed them from time to time and done well in a vintage race in the 250 class. Motor parts are easy to get here in the USA. Gas tanks and seats are hard to find if you need them. Fun bikes I was just riding mine today.
  5. mrpbody44

    1968 Saracen

    I got my bike and will be posting pics of the restoration. Does any one know the size of the steering head bearings?
  6. Ian I saw on you Flicker photo page you had a photo of my 1971 Greeves Pathfinder from my Myspace page. Small world.
  7. The OSSA tank was sealed with Casswells sealer. On the Yahoo OSSA board there were some photos of an OSSA GP III tank that had the same problem and the guy cut the tank apart and removed the sealer which turned orange. He then re glassed the tank. Just race gas for me now
  8. mrpbody44

    1968 Saracen

    Thanks for the photo Dave. The bike I have is very similar with the radial head and iron barrel 5 speed motor.
  9. mrpbody44

    1968 Saracen

    Thanks for the replys. I have the Motorcycle Competition book and it has a very good article on these bikes. I have a nice 18 in dunlop rim so I am in good shape. My Dalesmans, and Greeves Pathfinders from the period have 19 in rear so that go me confused. I will post some pics of the restoration as I go along. Any one know about how many were made? I have see 5 of these here in the states. One had a Gold tank which was nice.
  10. E10 gas will destroy your fiberglass tanks even though you use Casswell and other sealers. I sealed my tank on my OSSA 350 trials bike and E10 destroyed the tank which was in very good condition. You can get non e10 gas at you local marinas or use race gas in your bikes.
  11. mrpbody44

    1968 Saracen

    I just bought a 1968 Saracen with the Sachs 5 speed iron barrel motor. What size is the rear wheel on these bikes is it 19 in or 18 in? I have the REH hubs. Does any one have any photos of these bikes they can share. I have the Morley 2 Stroke Trials Bike book and another book with an article on these bikes but no specs.
  12. Ian Your bike is a 1972 from looking at the Dalesman literature that I have. The pipe is correct as is the front wheel. Some 72's came with the Puch moped front forks and front wheel others came with the better REH front forks and front wheel. The seat is correct. These bikes came with both 4 or 6 speed motors. Motor West has lots of parts for these bikes. I think this is the same bike I tried to buy on Craigs list out in CA last week. I bought a 1968 Saracen instead as the guy on Craigs never sent me any more photos. Mark Hollaway is setting up a Dalesman web site like the Vintage Monark site.
  13. I just got the most modern bike in my stable a 1990 Fantic 307. Are these bikes any good? I know nothing about them. Up until now I have classic machines in my collection. So far I like the bike but my wife likes it even better so I get little time on it. Any one out there have one? Steve Metz 1966/67 Cotton Villiers 1965 Greeves TFS 1966 Greeves Anglian 1971 Greeves Pathfinder 1972 Cotton Minerelli 1990 Fatic 307
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