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    Best shocks

    After a long lay off I've come back to trials and realised that at 40 years of age club level expert route is doable just not enjoyable for me (some sections a bit dodgy for my age!!) where I am from the expert class is a big jump up from Clubman so riding a modern bike at Clubman level isn't very challenging, I've bought a very nice Fantic 240 to ride at clubman level so trying to get it as competitive as possible, what's the best rear shocks on the market and where can I get them from?
  2. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated , gonna go for a Fantic, just got to decide between the 200 or 240, then gotta find one! cheers again.
  3. Probably been asked loads of times but... Got the trials bug again after a long absence, have a 5 year old beta evo I've just started riding again but the twinshock scene is pretty decent where I live so want to get a competitive twin shock, got a budget of £2k but looks like the bikes I'm after won't come in at that budget! Was after a fantic or ty175 but both look over my budget, have seen a few ty250 for around £1500, which are about a grand cheeper than the fantics or ty175's, are the 250's that much worse?! Or shud I just stump up the extra grand? Or are there any other alternatives out there for a competetive twinshock?
  4. Hello, anyone know where i can get some sherco graphics for my 2002 bike (trying to tart it up abit to sell!) Many thanks
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