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  1. Just wondering what sort of price a new 09 sy250 and 250 4banger will be. Fancy a new machine for christmas.
  2. kdub

    Ignition Timing

    Cheers Guys. Will get it done as soon as possible.
  3. kdub

    Ignition Timing

    Hi guys, just wondering how exactly the ignition timing is changed on my 06 sy250. Took the ignition cover off and all I see is flywheel. I take it I need to remove the flywheel to get to the relevant parts. Then what do I change and in what direction. I done a few searches online and I can't get a definate description of the process or any pics to help me. Cheers lads.
  4. kdub

    Oil Problem

    Still got the gasser and its still a pile of **** IMO. I will get the water pump cover etc off and have a wee look.
  5. kdub

    Oil Problem

    2006 sy 250
  6. kdub

    Oil Problem

    OK guys only had the bike a few weeks now if that. Done about 5 hours on the bike and tjought it was time to get the oil changed. So out the back I went and warmed up the engine. To my shock and horror when the oil started to come out it was a yellow/green colour. I also got a quantity of say around 1.5 litres . So how does this happen, is it the Water pump seal etc. If so anyone know where to get it and how much. Thanks in advance guys, Cheers Kevin!!!!
  7. kdub


    The power isn't the problem, it just feels likes its made from chewing gum compared to the scorpa. I do prefer the feel of the gasgas but I can quickly change the scorpa to suit. A little play with timing and I will take a little off the flywheel at work bit by bit until I get the response I want.
  8. kdub


    Well only 10 days into my trials career and the gasgas 280 pro I bought a few weeks ago let me down for the last time (3 times in 3 rides). So I looked at every ad known to man and found a mint condition 2006 sy 250 fully registered and even taxed. I have had 1 brief shot and although it doesn't feel as snappy as my gasgas it certainly feels made like a Jap bike in every department. The suspension fit/finish and the Uber smooth power well seems different class to my crappy 280. Now to get the 280 fixed up and move it on.
  9. kdub

    Broken Shock

    If its rebuildable then no problem it will get done a.s.a.p.
  10. kdub

    Broken Shock

    OK guys my new purchase 03 280 has a broken shock. Only moving about 1/4 of the stroke . Are these rebuildable and are replacements expensive. This is my first second hand bike in years and I am all ready regretting it, had to pull the flywheel off yesterday to clean the insides out(full of crud) due to a weak spark. Would an older txt 1998 model shock fit? Cheers for any help huys.
  11. kdub

    My New (old 03) 280 Pro

    Cheers Peter. Will take it out on it's maiden voyage tomorrow.
  12. Well I have finally dived into the world of Trials with an 03 280 Pro. I have bought it of Ebay for a fair price in my eyes. I know these can be a bit of an animal but I crave power (19 years of mx). It's registered as a 52 plate ut has no MOT or tax. Whats involved with getting these machines road legal and where do I get insurance from. Roll on the weekend for its debut. Now a few other questions, what gear oil, premix and ratio do I use. I currently use Rock oil for me 2 strokes and Silkoiline 10-40w semi for the gearboxes on both my 125 and 450f. Any other tips would be much appreciated guys. Cheers Kev Hope this pic works
  13. kdub

    Older Vs Newer

    Hi guys looking for a bit of advice. I am looking just now at both a 2001 and a 2005 SY 250's and was just wondering how much difference is there performance wise between these. This will be my first trials m/c. I am not a novice in terms of riding a motorcycle (19 years of mx) and have done some mountain bike trials over the past 6 or 7 winters. Just wondering would I feel the difference and is there any mechanical reason ie better suspension that I should get the newer machine. Cheers Guys
  14. Cheers. I think the Scorpa will be the bike for me to get. Need something bulletproof to learn on. A moto numpty trying his hand at finese. Can't wait, now need to find a bike.
  15. I go through a set of rear brake pads in a couple of weeks at the minute and 1 weekend if the weather is wet(wrecked a set this moring in 3 x 15 min motos practicing). As for filters 3 a day and oil change every hour (filter every 2)so I reckon this is going to be a very cheap sport to compete at except for the initial outlay. Now the GAS GAS bikes are mean looking how ever I have been warned about there reliability. So looking at Scorpa for bombproof engines, what about Beta and Sherco. Any major problems to watch out for when buying. I am looking for a 2005 and newer bike. So any buyers tips would be appreciated. Cheers Kdub
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