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  1. Thanks for the idea Wherry. I'll try that. Dan.
  2. Thanks dibdab. I need to know which model the boots are but I bought them second hand and I've no idea when they were new. Does anyone know how I can tell. I've had different suggestions between Tech8 or Tech4 but no one seems to really know. Any help would be great. Thanks... Dan
  3. Hi all, i have a pair of alpine star boots but the top plastic strap has snapped! They are a size seven and it's a white strap, 15cm long with teeth. Does anyone know where I could buy one ( or does anyone have an old / spare one ). Thanks... Dan
  4. Hi Guys, My mate found me a game called 'Free Rider'. You can make your own lines so you can control a motorbike to ge along it. Just type free rider in Google search engin and click Free Rider - Online Flash Games Just thought you would like to know RockDan Here is Link Free Rider
  5. Wow thanks ...... bikespace Thanks for the fan info i'll get my dad to look at it. spudsdad Thanks for that we'll keep an eye on the leak. copemech Great, we'll top it up and test the fan. TomsDad Thanks, But I don't ride Trials. BIG Thanks RockDan
  6. Hey, Thanks for the info. Shercoholic, thanks that link looks useful, I've downloaded it and will read it. Maybe those downloads aren't as scary as I first thought. I went out on my new bike today and we've just come in from the garage. If anyone can help with these questions I'd be really greatful 1. There's a tiny drilled hole in the front right of the engine casing (near the water pump) that appears to be leaking water out slightly. What's it for and should it leak ? 2. Any tips on starting the bike ? it took us quite a while to get it going from cold .... choke on/off? throttle on/mid/off ? 3. I was riding it for 2 hours and the fan didn't come on. Should it ? any advice on what to check before we call the place we bought it from ? 4. Is there an easy way to check the water level ? 5.when the choke is on the revs go right up even with my hands aren't touching the throttle. BIG thanks,rockDan
  7. Dad says can't put that on the internet.
  8. Hi, RockDan here I am 10 and I would like a 2004 Sherco 125 maintainence book. I saw Ishys link but that all seems a bit advanced for me and I couldn't see any maintenance info for my 2004 125. Does anybody know where I can get any info and ideally a copy of the owners/maintenance manual? Thanks RockDan
  9. Hi from RockDan, I am 11 next week and I just got a 2004 Sherco 125 for my birthday so I am selling my Beta Techno 125. I have been riding for 3 years on Beta and Honda. I ride at Bumpy with my Dad (he put some photos of me on TC yesterday). Seya RockDan
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