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  1. yep.. I had sent him a PM syaing that I was on the way to california, that I would be there late Friday. However, in his defense, in an earlier PM to him, I had asked if he was willing to meet me halfway between LA and AZ. He said it was too far. hmmm... 300 miles, halfway to him would have been 150 miles and I was already driving 1200 miles. A day later is when I sent the PM that said I was "on my way". He told me that he thought I was still wanting to meet him halfway and thats why he said that he went ahead and sold it... or at least "thought he sold it". So it was probably my fault for not being more clear on my last PM to him.
  2. well... there I was.... I needed to deliver a bike that I sold to a guy in Tempe AZ (I am in Houston)... the Sherco was in LA so I said to myself... self... thats only 300 miles from Tempe Az sooooo... time for a road trip. 8:30pm Thursday nite - I load up the bike in the van, and make a dead-head run to AZ. At about the 1000 mile mark, after driving a straight 20 hours with no sleep, I get a phone call from the Sherco guy - 'Sorry, bike just sold". Well crapolla... ain't that my luck. I'm' only another 200 miles from where I am supposed to drop off my bike so I continue the trip... I drop off the bike and start the 1200 mile return trip home. I get almost to the Texas border (about 300 miles away) and guess who calls me on my cell?? Yep - Sherco guy - the deal fell thru and he wants to know if I want the bike. Well another crapoola... I am now almost 800 miles away from him. Ain't no way I'm gonna turn around so... I am now back home again, but without a trials bike. The search continues.... ps: Thank you everyone for your words - I might not be posting a reply to each one, but I am reading them. -pat- aka Admin at KTMTalk.com
  3. After reading a few posts complaining about newbies making their first post a "which bike should I buy", I'm almost afriad to ask but.... at the risk of getting booted off on my first day here.... here is my question. I am a fat old guy wanting to get into trials riding. I am probably an intermediate enduro/hare scrambles rider. I currently own a 2006 300xcw KTM and a 2005 450exc KTM. Compared to everyone else here, I am probably a below-novice trials rider but I am "determined" to learn and improve. I am nowhere near ready to compete but that could be an option as I improve. I have narrowed my choices down to the three following bikes: 2004 Montesa 315r - $3500 2005 Sherco 2.9 for $3400. 2007 Beta Rev3 - $4600 All three are in brand-new, pristine condition. 2005 Sherco 2.9 is owned by a novice, has only been ridden twice in the last year - decided that he wants a "trail bike" instead of a trials bike. 2007 Beta Rev3 is a 270 2 stroke, owned by an expert trials rider that claims meticulous maintenance - I kinda believe him. Don't know anything about the Montesa owner nor his riding ability. I live in Houston Texas - Which one should a fat old novice like me get??? -pat-
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