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  1. Mora then 200 pics about Robregordo here thanks to Todotrial: http://picasaweb.google.es/todotrial/2Dias...t=embedwebsite#
  2. Sunny edition of Robregordo 2010, lots of sun protector used this year by pilots and observers!!!! Results: Experts: 1- Ramonet (Fantic) 2- Alfredo Gomez (Honda) 3 - Guzman (Bultaco) Pre80: 1- Capdevila (Bultaco) 2 - Galvani (Bultaco) 3 - Portero (Ossa) Twinshock: 1 - Selma (Bultaco) 2 - Dasi (Ossa) 3 - Antequera (Montesa)...... 10 - Richard Blandin (Bultaco)... 25 - Andrew Clackett (Bultaco)..... 29 - Richard Mollet (Montesa) Pre72: 1 - Sirvenet (BSA) 2 - Gil (BSA) 3 - Peter Carson (James)... 5 - Javier Cruz (James).... 12 - Neil Walker (FB).... 15 - Barry Micklewaithe (FB)... 19 - Bert Robinson (Triumph Twin) 20 - Stuart Brown (CZ) Clubman: 1 - Puma Racing (Montesa) 2 - Martinez (Montesa) - 3 - San Felix (Ossa).... 13 - Paul Edwards (Bultaco)
  3. Hi Jim: Robregordo is not in the calendars as we want it out of the classic Spanish championship. 22 & 23 May are the dates, and Sotobike is working in the event. The trial is in Madrid Federation webb https://www.fedemadrid.com/calendarios/list?mes=5 We are tying to improve the trial with a longer and partly new route as well as more and new sections for this 2010 edition.
  4. Hi Jim: John and you are most wellcome here. It
  5. Hi Metisse: It will be nice to see you again here. No problem about the hotel, you know normally the pilots coming from far away have priority in the reservation of the hotel near the paddock. Aniway there are many hotels in the area, some of them nice and apart from the road. Next Saturday 16 there is the anual meeting of the motoclub, so soon we will come with more news about the trial. We will prepare a list with the available hotels nearby.
  6. Hi: We are glad to inform that Robregordo 2010 will take place next 22 & 23 May 2010. This next year some changes in the categories will be done. More information coming soon.
  7. "Woody" - Dave Wood "Big John" - Moffat "Greeves" - Javier Cruz
  8. Alfredo Gomez Chris denney fighting in section 12 Carlos Bosch
  9. Paddock Puma Racing. Like it or not, it works perfectly. Jim Evans and John Robertson Ian Foy
  10. From Sotobike Motoclub we would like to thank very much both Mr. Jim Evans and Mr. John Robertson for showing us in this life there are no limits or barriers. It has been an honour having you two here. Javier Cruz
  11. Oh yes Mr. Moffat, it is I, Jennifer. Check number 145 in the list, it is you, and in the yellow category. See you on Friday.
  12. All ready in Robregordo; sections, paddock waiting for the next weekend. Weather will be HOT , but maybe some storms in the mountains on the weekend...... http://www.eltiempo.es/la-cabrera.html 200 entries and pilots from Italy, France, UK, Andorra and Spain http://www.motoclubsotobike.com/inscritos0...-mayo-final.pdf Sorry, the above entry list is not the final one, but we have too many things to do here.... See you in Robrregrodo!!!! Sofia & Maria World Champion Alfredo Gomez racing in Blue - Experts, and a nice group of Spanish pilots from the 70
  13. Sotobike staff is working in the route and sections for Robregordo 2009. This year new sections, level slightly easier than in the past editions. Long route in the opposite direction and climbing quite high in the mountain (nice scenery). Some tough parts in the route but aniway that is part of Robregordo adventure....
  14. There is a van coming from southern England with available space for 2 bikes sharing some costs of the trip. For information please contact: Maria: robregordo-edition09@motoclubsotobike.com Paddock Ulf Karlsson in Robregordo section.
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