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  1. i think that is such a brilliant idea.Like you i am new to having a 280R Climber which fell over and broke the hydraulic clutch lever.If i had been able to compare parts which are interchangeable it would have saved me a lot of time visiting various bike shops with my broke lever to find a near enough match. Would this list be accessible on this forum for all to view?
  2. steve you have replied on other question that you may have an owners manual for a water cooled 280 that you may be able to scan & then e-mail, have you had any joy yet/ many thanks tony
  3. thanks for that link. i searched everywhere but couldn't find anything!
  4. many thanks for the advice received, just got to get over the fact that when you reach middleage you loose your sense of balance!!
  5. Recently purchased a climber 280 on line and i was wondering if any members had managed to find any manuals regaring this bike either on download or purchase.it seems the only info i can find seems to be on this forum.i know this bike is approx 1989 but surely there must be info out there reference oil/fuel mix, oil to be used in gearbox etc.also where to get spare parts, when i bought this bike it came with loads but where do you get brake pads from? any tips or info would be a great help!!
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