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  1. fpete

    Beta 300 4t oil leak

    Thanks all, I'll give it a try. Fpete
  2. fpete

    Beta 300 jets

    Thanks, Where do you have your needle clip? Fpete
  3. fpete

    Beta 300 jets

    Does anyone know where I could get a 22 pilot and 135 main for the Beta 300 with theCV carb?
  4. fpete

    Beta 300 4t oil leak

    Has anyone found a fix for the oil leaking from the head of the Beta 300's. Mine continually dribbles from the cover to the cam chain bearing cover and the head gaskets.
  5. fpete

    Beta Evo 300 4t Jetting

    Blue spring, 115 main and the needle clip up one from stock. Works great!!!!
  6. fpete

    Beta Evo 300 4t Jetting

    Thanks all! I already changed to the lightest spring (4th, blue) and will try a smaller jet and let you all know how it goes Pete.
  7. Has anyone changed the jetting on the evo 300 4t. Mines runs fine at low-med rmps but will not rev out and is producing black exhaust. At high revs it cuts out then revs up then cuts out etc. but never smooths out. I installed a jetsie air screw but it does not change the high revs. The stock main is a 120.
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