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  1. Hello; I`ve decided to try bleeding the brakes on my Techno using the syringe method. Do I need to remove the check ball which is under the bleeder screw to do this? If so, can I leave it out after bleeding the brakes? Thanks for your help
  2. That`s what I was hoping to hear! So I guess my next challenge is my Honda VTR 250...
  3. Wrong terminology? Newbie excuse #1: Everything I know about trials was taught to me in Japanese. They refer to "stationary balancing" as "standing", I thought it came from the term "track stand". Now I wonder what they call a "jap zap"?...
  4. Okay, so I just got into trials about a month or so ago. Wanting to try something different, I tried to track stand on my KDX220. Not too hard to do in the dirt, but beyond my ability on a hard surface. So who else has been track standing something other than a trials bike? Street bike anyone?
  5. Hello; I plan on visiting Ontario in the near future, and am looking for a good place to buy some trials boots and wear. Southern Ontario if possible. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks
  6. technomix

    Carb Trouble?

    My bike is fixed!. My friend fired up the bike and it ran like a dream. Nothing to fix, it run`s great he says. He was quite amused when I told him that I had been using the choke in reverse!. This is the first time I`ve ever seen a carb where lever up = off. I had been starting the bike with the choke in the off position (up), then soon switching it to the on position, causing it to run rich. Oh well, if you can`t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at!? Thanks for all your input and advise, very much appreciated
  7. technomix

    Carb Trouble?

    Thanks, will check. Are those floats hollow?
  8. technomix

    Carb Trouble?

    After cleaning my carb so it`s spotless, still no change for the better. I think STORK955 may have a good point. The engine and electrics are from a 1998, but the frame is a 1994. The only manual I have is for a 1994, and it shows the Dellorto carb. I`m starting to think that my friend gave me the wrong carb for this year motor. I`m going to see him on Sunday and try switching carbs and see what happens. Thanks for the tip, I`ll let you know how it works out.
  9. No, not quite native. I`ve been over here for 10 years now, and I`m to the point where my English is as bad as my Japanese!
  10. technomix

    Carb Trouble?

    Sounds like a good place to start. I`ll clean out the carb tomorrow and let you know the result. Thanks for the speedy reply
  11. technomix

    Carb Trouble?

    Hello; I`ve got a problem with my 1998 Beta Techno. History of the bike is unknown; when I received the it was in pieces, and I just put it back together. Problem is, the bike will start, but runs really "heavy", poor throttle response. Adjusting the idle and mixture screws has absolutely no effect, and it won`t idle. I pulled the plug, and it`s really wet and oily. Adjusted the carb float to reduce fuel in float bowl, no change. Took out the airf filter to give it more air, no change, still runs rich. Shut off the fuel petcock and run it for about 10 seconds, and the engine suddenly starts to rev like crazy, quickly turn the fuel petcock back on and it goes back to running rich again. It`s got a Dellort carb on it with the following jets installed (bad eyesight so I could be mistaken!) Pilot 100, Main 54, Needle 262. Needle in the top clip at the moment. Any and all advise appreciated, Thanks
  12. Hello! I`m a middle(?) aged guy living in Japan, originally from Canada. I`ve been riding for over 25 years, but have never had a go at trials. My current rides are a 2002 Honda VTR250, 1998 Kawasaki KDX220, and a 1969 Honda CB125. I just got my first trials bike, a 1998(?) Beta Techno Basket Case, and am looking forward to riding it once I get it sorted out. Well, I`m off to post in the "Beta Forum" with my first question. Thanks in advance for your support and technical advise everybody!
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