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  1. Not many of these to see these days but I have one that is misbehaving. Practicing a few weeks ago I lost the ability to shift gears. Didn't get banged. Lever resisting up a down movement on the spring but no selection. Thought the problem would be the locknut on the eccentric cam coming loose. But not the problem. Have stripped the mechanism in the primary case. Nothing seized and no broken springs. Moving through the range of adjustment allows a setting that will allow going up the box or down but not both. All gears select easily using the square 8mm peg. Timing marks lining up correctly. No noises from gearbox so I think it's the mechanism in the primary case. Any tricks anyone knows to solve this selection problem please?
  2. I put my 349 away a year or so ago after hearing what I thought was rumbling main bearings. It joined the queue behind some others I was restoring. Having got down to it now I've found that the crank is showing evidence of a crack lengthways and inquiries reveal that this a weak spot on these motors. Evidently some shear off but this one hasn't yet. Can anyone comment on getting them repaired? SEP in Kegworth have said they will look at it.
  3. Thanks Woody but it is petrol getting through. The section where there is no fuel is perfect. I think I'll try taking the paint off and polishing the plastic.
  4. I have a very tidy 350 Cota with the grey frame and "banana" swinging arm. The paint on the tank has inevitably bubbled because of the ability of fuel to weep through the tank material. I understand the tank is made from a kind of nylon but It seems to be self coloured a dull orange. I am guessing that if I strip the paint I might be able to polish the plastic. It wouldn't be right but I think it might be better than the anaglypta finish I have at the moment. Can anyone help? Colin Shaughnessy
  5. I am going to attempt the rebuilding of both wheels on my 199A with relined hubs and new stainless spokes. Can anyone help me with measurements for the offset to the rear wheel? I thought i had measured accurately but now not so sure.
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