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325 Beamish Help Needed!

lee harris

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Thanks Woody, the first person that actually likes a Beamish and can understand how I got to getting one! When Greeves went Drag Racing (cars not clothes) he didnt use a big american muscle car, he put turbos, nitrous etc etc in a beetle. Surely not the best car to start out with!

Well this is my beetle; if i can get it to pull out tree stumps, i will be happy!


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Hi Ive got a 1979 beamish 250 reed valve model and i think its an excellent bit of kit, the power is very soft but it pulls well, perhaps yours just needs a new piston and rebore?

i also have a 1979 250 majesty yam and can tell you theres hardley anything between the two of them back to back! the suzuki feels a bit long in the steering and the yam feels a bit more modern (short wheelbase,higher ground clearence) but id say the beamish has the better engine overall(by the way the yams had a full engine rebuild inc gen,yam piston)


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Hi, just found this old old topic. This very bike is now in my shed 🙂 Runs fine no big rattles and plenty of steam. The Jug with a very big OD piston came in a box with many other parts. Be interesting to hear what the problem with the bike was ?

@lee harris

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