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Fantic 303 Maintenance


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Is there anyone who can help with parts and diagrams/instructions for replacement of front fork seals and rear suspension bushes. I am located in Perth Western Australia. I think that it is 1988/89 model, but I am not sure. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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If yours is the blue-red 303 of 1987, or the Series2 blue-yellow model of 1988 then it will have a wide wishbone linkage rather than the more modern tri-point central block of the fluoro orange 89-305 and later models.

The 303 featured a tricky steel bush inside a wear sleeve through the side of the swingarm ..and riders whine about maintainig todays linkages!!

Let me know which and I will e-mail the rear suspension parts page.

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It might be worth contacting Steve Goode motorcycles on(u.k)01938 850544.

A few year ago i had an '86 progress (first of the mono's),the rear linkage bearings were knackered and Steve supplied a set of inner and outer bushes for cheap,but more interestingly he also supplied a new set of linkage pins which were drilled and had grease nipples fitted.

I would imagine the bearings and pins would be the same as the 303 because manufactuers didn't change things for fun in those days!.

Anyway good luck, cheers


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