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Ty Mono V Pinky Differences

andy m

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Besides the obvious disc brake, graphics and I think rear spokes is there much differenc between the TY mono with red frame and plastic tank and a Pinky. Not fussed on the TY with a steel tank. Thanks in advance :o

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I don't think they changed the spokes on any of the Mono's, only the hub and rim colour's changed over the years., apart from the pinky which obviously had a disc.

Firstly you've basically got 2 x groups of models ( N & the more common S) which is the steel tanked road going one and the (L & the more common R) which had the smaller plastic tanks. However, these do have more differences other than the tanks, the frames are different as is the porting ( I think ) and the head (the S has a head steady) as well as jetting. Again as a guide the R has has less brackets.

See here for the S http://www.ataq.qc.ca/galerie/showimg.php?...1985_TY250s.jpg

See here for the early R http://www.ataq.qc.ca/galerie/showimg.php?...a1984_TY250.jpg

Over the years the R mono was developed/improved with a different piston (shaped crown), lower footpegs, better shocks ( no remote cylinder,remote cylinder,and finally remote cylinder with adj damping. They even changed the white on the front mudguards of the Pinky for a more brilliant white and cut the sump guard down a bit.

88 Model see here http://www.ataq.qc.ca/galerie/showimg.php?...1988_TY250r.jpg

Pinky 91 on see here http://www.ataq.qc.ca/galerie/showimg.php?...1992_TY250r.jpg

Pinky frame and engine No's start with the prefix 4AJ, which is important as a lot of mono's are advertised as pinkies with aftermarket front discs, which quite frankly are ****e!

I hope this makes sense!!! :o

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