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Leg Exercises For Sore Knees


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Just got back on my bike yesterday after a long lay off (which did help my knees)and sure enough my knees are stiffening up 24 hours later.

It feels like my knee-caps are too tight( no float ),pushing into my knee joints.

I think this means I have an imbalance in my leg muscles (front-back-inside -outside?).

I'm quite active for 40 and nothing else I do gives me 'jip' like riding a trials bike???

Anyhow..does anyone know of a few exercises or any training I could add to my current work out?



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Hi Wayne, You'll more than likely have overactive quads, adductors etc and weak lengthened hamstrings so your best bet is squats and deadlifts to build up the hamstrings ability to share the workload.

To get the best results stretch or foam roller the opposing muscles (quads, adductors maybe even the hip flexors) which will shift the emphasis while training. Failure to stretch before the exercise will result in the further muscle dominance which will make your quads strong but your problems worse.

FYI you have a seven minute window of opportunity after stretching to perform the exercise, as such its often worth re-stretching after this time or if you feel the quads activate.

Hope that helps a little

Cheers Billy, I'll pay more attention to my stretching before /during my squats and lifts.

I'm guessing leg side swings (ballet-bar style :banana2: )and side splits would be a good warm up and stretch for adductors etc.?

I'm all for trying to ''exercise'' my way out of a problem,but I did need your direction first,thanks!

Any idea if lunges are a good thing in this situation?

Many Thanks,


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Be very careful of going for an aggressive stretch. Only go as far as is easily possible and gradually move into it. Pushing a stretch fires the muscle in the same way an injury causing it too tighten, hence the reason some people never become any more flexible... to keen.


Seen that plenty times in my martial art days..the phsyco' -pain is good- stretcher.

Cheers again Billy ..I'll give this a go for a couple of weeks and report back.


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