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Starting In Bike Trials - Different Questions


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Rather than steal a thread I thought it would be best to start a specific one asking for help on the Trials type bicycles available in the US. It seems the UK has a full range of bikes but the market is limited to high end stuff in the US.

More details on my situation -

60 yrs. old, novice motorized trials rider (SCORPA), looking to have a practice bike I can ride with my 9 year old grandson and practice in the winter riding around the garage. I don't see myself doing anything very strenuous :guinness: so I don't really want to spend $1,200 for trials specific bike. Based on my limited investigation, it seems that the TREK JACK2 would be perfect:

26 inch wheels

Front suspension

Lot of room over the top bar to prevent damage to private parts in case of a "get off".

8 speeds which would allow riding it to a local area rather than having a single speed which would limit road riding.

Front and rear disc brakes (good or bad)?

Can be used for easy single-track (?).

The reviews seem to be very positive and I have a TREK dealer close.

So - Good choice or is there something equivalent for 1/2 the cost?

Thanks in advance.

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