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Lost Wallet, Wallet Found


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Went down to Devon on the weekend, as my lad was riding the C+D on Saturday, and my mates lad the A+B Sunday.

Sometime over the weekend, I lost my wallet :thumbup:

With all the excitement of the weekend, I didn't realise till I was back home, then the excitement really took over :barf:

Ripped the Sprinter apart looking, checked the bags and the dirty clothes, nothing.

Rang the bank, cancelled my cards and thanked the lord that no withdrawels had been made without my knowledge, and my cash was in my pocket.

Went to work today looking forward to filling out forms for replacement cards and driving licences, when lo and behold a phone call from Exexter police station informed me that my wallet had been handed in, and they would send it recorded delivery back to me.

If you are the person who did this brilliant deed, many many thanks.

This really proves that most Trials pepole are honest and genuine. Thanks whoever you are.

Simon Lewis

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