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  1. lew

    2011 raga

    Hi Anybody know if there will there be a 2011 Raga 125? regards Simon
  2. Went down to Devon on the weekend, as my lad was riding the C+D on Saturday, and my mates lad the A+B Sunday. Sometime over the weekend, I lost my wallet With all the excitement of the weekend, I didn't realise till I was back home, then the excitement really took over Ripped the Sprinter apart looking, checked the bags and the dirty clothes, nothing. Rang the bank, cancelled my cards and thanked the lord that no withdrawels had been made without my knowledge, and my cash was in my pocket. Went to work today looking forward to filling out forms for replacement cards and driving licences, when lo and behold a phone call from Exexter police station informed me that my wallet had been handed in, and they would send it recorded delivery back to me. If you are the person who did this brilliant deed, many many thanks. This really proves that most Trials pepole are honest and genuine. Thanks whoever you are. Simon Lewis
  3. lew

    Beta 200 2010

    Hi Thanks for the info, you've just given me the reassurance I needed, 200 it is. Cheers Simon
  4. lew

    Beta 200 2010

    Hi I know this topic has been discussed recently, so please pardon me as I'm not a big forum poster. I am selling my Repsol 4rt and replacing it with a Beta Evo, I have ridden Steve Saunders new 250 and his 200 and like them both, so much as I have taken the plunge and ordered a 200. My real concern is I have noticed that the 200 has a mikuni carb instead of the keihin, is this ok or does the bike need the other? I can't wait to get the new bike but while I'm waiting my brain starts ticking and I'm wondering should I have ordered the 250. Regards Simon
  5. lew

    4rt Poorly Sick

    Alright James Couple of questions When the rough running begins does the bike smoke? What colour is the plug, Have you tried blink test with the Honda linkup tool? Hope this helps, let me know. Simon Lewis
  6. lew

    290 Kicking Back

    Hi Had an 07 that used to kick back, and was really bad starting when left, the both were caused by overfuelling. As a rule I found turning off the petrol and leaving the bike running until it would start pulsing [running out of fuel] then hitting the killswitch, to start turn petrol on full choke 1st or 2nd kick away she was, no kickback. Fuel left on seemed to be flooding it. I moved the stator 5mm back soften power dramaticaly and make the kickstarting easier. I'm sure there is a way of checking the timing on the Sherco website under Waynes help, can't really add to that as have changed camps and now have a 4rt. Hope this helps. Simon
  7. lew

    4rt Mapping

    Hi Want to change the map on my 4rt, have got the lead, found the map on the net and have downloaded it. I have read the manual on the procedure but realised I don't have the software to run the program. Does anybody know of a website that has this software available or is it only available of the HRC disc? Regards Simon
  8. lew

    08 4rt Or Repsol

    HI I'm thinking of changing my Sherco 290 07 for a 4rt, is the repsol 08 that much different to the standard 4rt? Will the 09 bikes be any different? Regards Simon
  9. Hi The job is quite straight forward, the only problem you may come up against is the 15mm socket to take the autoclutch locknut off. If you have acess to a lathe turn a good quality socket down to fit and airgun the nut off, and be careful with the kickstart assembly. Mark everything as you dismantle, and evenly tighten the clutch cover on reasembly as the kickstart can bind. Hope this helps Simon
  10. Hi Looking for a used bike for my misses, she fancies a txt125 as it is small and light. We were wondering about a txt200, is it a 200cc or smaller, and how do they compare. Regards Simon
  11. lew

    Gas Gas Txt 50cc

    Hi Have a look at gasgasmuseum.com theres a bit on there about jetting and ignition on the txt boy. Hope this helps. Simon
  12. Hi Using 80.1 mix as in my Sherco, whats the best for the GasGas? Rgards Simon
  13. Hi My little un has got a new 50 cadet, he rode it today only for a short time and oil seems to be running from the joint of the silencer to the exhaust, onto the swing arm and onto the floor. Has anybody come across this before, is this a feature of this bike when new? could it be assembly oil or storage oil as there is little smoke. Will pull exhaust off tomorrow and see if it is coming from the cylinder, but had to ask in case this is normal and will stop through use. Any advise gratfully recieved regards Simon
  14. lew

    Gasgas 50 Cadet

    Hi Thanks for the replys, problem is, our boys only eight and ain't allowed to ride an 80. He thinks its unfair as he has riden bigger bikes, but rules is rules. Xmas is coming and we think he would benefit from a new bike as his old Beta needs a bit of TLC. Thanks once again, and if anyone else has any experiance of these bikes, pros or cons, any advice gratfully received. Regards Lew
  15. lew

    Gasgas 50 Cadet

    Hi Our son rides an 03 Beta rev 50, we are thinking of changing it for a new bike, has anybody had any experience of the new 50 cadet in comparison to the Beta. Our boy used to ride a txt 50 boy and he says the suspension on that was much softer than his Beta. Any comments gratfully recieved. Regards Lew
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