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Hi From The Newbie In West Sussex

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After years and years of desperately wanting to go from bike to motorbike trials i have finally done it and got a Gas Gas 280 Pro Raga!

How unbelievably more awesome it is than i even thought it would be. I'm completely hooked and desperate to get the hang of this, bike trials helps but its still another kettle of fish altogether or atleast it is to someone that has never ridden a motorbike before.

Anyway i'l be searching through all the posts for great tips and advice with all the common beginner questions.

Looks like a great forum, dont worry ive been a member of quite a few and know how to use the search button....:rolleyes:

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Hi trialsguysid, welcome aboard.

I was the other way round to you, done trials for years, occaisionally riding a road bike, and finally done my direct access a couple of years ago.

Of the 3 days, the first two were spent getting me to sit still, sit down and using all my fingers on the levers.

At one point during the second day they caught me trying to let some air out of the tyre's when it rained :rolleyes:

Poor blighter, had a nervous twitch by the time i passed, maybe he paid the examiner.

Anyway, where abouts in West Sussex are you ?

Regards GaffaMont.

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