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Oh no I bought a Trials sidecar where can I play?


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The best thing to do will be just to get your "Monkey" in the chair and go to a solo trial.

Riding round will be hard enough......From Experience.


The Wobbler

Going for it on the Dabbers on the 2nd Jan.. after we spend an afternoon working out how to do it (or how not to fall off in a straight line)... or something like that ;)

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the EFA based in essex run trials for pre65 chairs and also inside there news letter have adverts for the plonkers trials (open to twinshock and modern as well as pre 65) and practices which can be used for real bigginners as well as the more experienced rider

I have attached the website address www.thumpers.org.uk

the newsletter is called trials and tribulations and is available as a download fron the website good luck guys

dont give up if you endup upside down too many times at first


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