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clutch seting


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hi guys whats the best way to ajust my clutch on my 350 199A i have a work shop manual it says bottom the clutch ajust screw and undo 3/4 and then tjghten the locking nut is that ok? cant do anything yet till i put the wheels on just got sum off ebay so when ive got them on and put the chain on then i can try the clutch hoping its just a littel tinker and not new clutch plats but if i need new plats then she will have them allso dose anyone know were i can get a stronger headsteady ive got new one on from bultaco uk i know sum have a blob off weld in the middel but ive seen a better metherd on a bike on here to bits off tube with flat ends and it looks like it strong just wouldering if anybody knows off a place what makes them? and is an igntion file ok for cleaning the points? just one other thing how do i wire a second condesser under the tank? cheers bondy :bouncy:

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