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Beamish Help! For Newbee


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Hi Guys,

I've just bought an RL250. Its 1975 i think and in the Heron Suzuki colours, and im very pleased with it.

However, the front brake is appalling, I've cleaned up the shoes with emery paper, and de-greased and dremaled the drum with a wire brush. But its still really bad. can i get a new liner for the hub? any suggestions?

The ball bearing is missing out of the kick start, not unusual im sure, what would be the best way forward for this?

I suppose the answer may be replace the bearing, but I'm thinking the kick start will be so worn It will just fall out.

thanks in advance for you help Guys

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Hi Si8433176,

The front brakes on the RL250 are all pretty rubbish! Yes you can strip the wheel and get a new liner, if you speak to Dave Renham at www.bultacouk.com he can get it done for you if you don't know anyone locally. Better still, look for a 1978 RM front wheel from the MX bike. The spindle size is the same and you may have to make up some bushes to centre the wheel correctly but the braking is vastly better!

As for your kickstart, if you go to my website you will find a link to a guy who can refurbish your kickstart for £30 with postage.

Hope this helps.

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