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Help On Front Hub Identification Please?

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I have a Bulto front hub which I thought to be Sherpa.

I held it next to my Sherpa hub (198b) and its clear its slightly larger. The overall diameter of the large flange is about 194mm, the ID of the brake drum area is 140mm and the shoe width is 35mm (wider than my sherpa).

The overall hub width and style is the same.

Could it be an earlier one? maybe a trail bike hub?

thanks for any help


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Hi Stu ,it is off either a pursang or frontera but a 370 version the 250 pursangs and fronteras used a very similar hub(same dimensions) to the sherpa but had a lip on the small side of the hub to take a dust cover , later sherpas also had this lip but didnt use the dust cover , but just to confuse things i have also seen late sherpas without the lip , they probably fitted what was in the parts bin !Did you sell the sherpa? Thinking of letting the 198b go as having a scaling down session


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